Recruiting new staff can be exciting and rewarding but it can also be time consuming and costly.

Before you do anything, we would suggest you get in touch with us for a friendly and informative discussion about your particular needs. We work closely with our clients to provide assistance necessary to make the right choice, the first time, and in turn save money!

Some companies can be put off making the next required appointment because of high fees.
With Southern Insurance Recruiting you can expect us to save you time by screening who
you see, and receive financial savings up to 40% off your recruitment agency costs.

Our goal is to provide you with a quality and reliable service, however, we also recognise that
the workforce is a 'big ticket' item in any company's budget and understand your need to
control expenditure.

So, if you are fed up with paying high fees with a mediocre return, perhaps it is time to team up with us!

Please complete the vacancy form below or contact Rachel or Christine on 08452 30 40 58 to find out more.

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